Sensuality as an answer to powertalk

Blog   Muriel Kloek

“How to fight back“ yells a newspaper, “We need to change the constitution” urges Hollande, “Close all the frontiers” says Dutch politician Wilders. And look at us: nine women on a podium asking for Love. Because we’re sick and tired of this power talk from Western decision makers. We’re asking for a world with more mildness, more curves and more devotion.


For centuries women have had to struggle with a social underdog complex, and this doesn’t simply get erased in just three generations. A lot has happened since, but we can feel it’s still in our system: wage bargaining is still more difficult for women than for men, the glass ceiling hasn’t gone yet and our self image is substandard.

We’re done. Our planet and its environment are unscrupulously exploited by short term vision profit greed, our financial markets are packed with testosterone and they appear to have learned little from the financial crisis. And in response to the recent terrorist attacks all our leaders can come up with is impulsive, misguided power play.

More feminine energy

That’s it. The world needs more feminine energy. We need nuance, dialogue and a sense of nearness. But there’s little room for these qualities in our political and business leaders. That’s why our politicians are foaming at the mouth, calling for revenge and retribution. It’s a fight to the finish, while in fact we may never reach the end of it. On the contrary: we’re only spinning out of control.

Feminine energy needs male energy and vice versa: of course you need to defend your turf when the enemy comes knocking. But violence isn’t the only answer: make room for mildness and intuition as well. It’s badly needed: power without flexibility won’t actually be strong and decisiveness without understanding is ineffective.

Songs and dance for a better world

All we want is a better world for our children, mercy and attention for the dark side of life. We want attention for those in need and we want to be free to love whomever we want to love, whether white, black or in between. We want wisdom and reflection from our leaders, and we want to be able to give them our faith.

So this is why we’re nine women on a podium making music, singing and dancing about a quest for love and our hope for a better future. We set vulnerability against toughness and our emotions against bitterness. Our answers to power talk, hate and ruthless thirst for action are beauty, sensuality and a desire for Love.

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