About Noresign

“Emotions are for cranky housewives, Mr Right is for naive college girls and steamy desire is for nymphomaniac porn actrices.”

So yes, we’re allowed to vote, work and marry who we want to, but yet – we are not free. Taboos are still inflicted by parents, society and the media who loves to tell us how to behave, feel, look and be.

We’re supposed to learn but not get too smart, have a career but dare to be too ambitious, make love but not be too lustful, bear children but remain unscathed from troublesome hormons.

As Miss Perfect, we are supposed to grow old happily with Mister Perfect but in the end, we find ourselves with MisterOh-so-wrong as our self esteem has been shut to hell and we think it’s normal or we don’t deserve better.

Noresign is about breaking loose from principles, orders and prohibitions that keep us from thinking, feeling and being.

Noresign, that’s the right for women to be enraged without getting called hysterical, tender without being labled as weak, horny without getting branded cheap and able to give and receive love in joy and freedom.