"A young woman breaks free from a mental straightjacket. Raw and direct, the 18 dance-, hiphop- and rocksongs talk about sensuality and tenderness, anger and sorrow, strength and vulnerability. A musical plea for selfdetermination, freedom and love."

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Let a woman be a woman (…)

When we think about feminism, we tend to think about the glass ceiling, about how women combine work and family or sexual harassment. We see feminism as a society problem where women have to pick up a fight against white bold powerful men in the first case, against established rules or otherwise against men in […]

Blog   Muriel Kloek
Foto: Annemiek van Eeden

Sensuality as an answer to powertalk

“How to fight back“ yells a newspaper, “We need to change the constitution” urges Hollande, “Close all the frontiers” says Dutch politician Wilders. And look at us: nine women on a podium asking for Love. Because we’re sick and tired of this power talk from Western decision makers. We’re asking for a world with more […]

Blog   Muriel Kloek